Quality Control

01 Arrival Registration
Our Arrival Registration process involves registering the information of newly arrived materials and parts. This meticulous process allows us to track and monitor the quality of components, ensuring that only high-quality ones are used in our products. We record important details such as arrival date, supplier information, batch numbers, and specifications, which guarantees the authenticity and reliability of the components we distribute, enhancing the overall quality of our products and instilling trust in our customers
02 Initial QC inspection
Our initial QC inspection is a crucial step in ensuring that all components meet our high standards. Our dedicated team meticulously examines each component for defects and assesses factors like functionality and durability. This thorough inspection helps us identify and rectify any issues early on. Our commitment to quality ensures reliable and high-performance components for our customers' success.
03 Initial Report Upload
Amble places great emphasis on the quality control process to ensure the highest standards for our products. Uploading the initial QC report to our system ensures a comprehensive record of the quality assessment conducted on the components we distribute. By diligently uploading these reports, we not only demonstrate our commitment to transparency and traceability but also enable our customers to make informed decisions based on the quality assurance measures we have implemented.
04 Image & Report Archive
First-time QC reports and images, allowing us to track and monitor component quality. This archive ensures transparency, accountability, and prompt issue resolution. It also provides customers with access to detailed reports and images, building trust in our products. Our commitment to quality control is evident through measures like the Image & Report Archive, as we strive to deliver reliable and superior components.
05 In-depth QC Inspection
We prioritize the quality control process to ensure that only the best materials are shipped to our customers. Our in-depth QC inspection is conducted by experienced engineers who meticulously examine every aspect of the components. This thorough inspection ensures that only qualified materials meet our high standards and are approved for shipment. We believe in delivering products of the highest quality to our customers, and our stringent quality control process is a testament to our commitment.
06 Defect Report
Our Defect Report mechanism enables us to promptly notify customers of any identified defects in the materials supplied. It is then at the customer's discretion to accept or reject the defective components. Amble upholds transparency and accountability by providing comprehensive defect information. We collaborate closely with customers to address concerns and devise effective resolutions. By consistently upholding stringent quality control measures, we ensure the delivery of reliable and superior electronic components. Entrust us as your reliable partner, where unwavering commitment to quality remains our paramount focus.