Supplier Management

Quality components & seamless supply chain ensured by our tier 1 suppliers
Amble ensures the decent quality products and a seamless supply chain through partnerships with our tier 1 suppliers, where the Original Manufacturers guarantee access to the latest innovations, while Category Distributors offer a diverse range of electronic components. Franchised Distributors provide expertise and technical support for specific brands. Through our Supplier Hierarchical Structure Management, we enhance supply chain efficiency, build strong relationships, mitigate risks, and strive for continuous improvement.
A wide range of reliable components becomes accessible with our tier 2 suppliers
Our Tier 2 suppliers, including OEMs, ODMs, and EMS factories, are vital in delivering quality electronic components. Through close collaboration and transparent communication, we ensure access to a wide range of reliable products. OEMs provide original manufacturing expertise, ODMs offer innovative designs, and EMS factories enhance supply chain efficiency.
Certified Tier 3 Suppliers Deliver Reliable Electronic Components
Our tier 3 suppliers are carefully selected and hold third-party certificates, such as ERAI, IDEA, and ISO. These certifications validate their commitment to quality and compliance. By partnering with qualified suppliers, we ensure the authenticity and performance of our electronic components, and a diverse range of reliable products.
Unqualified products are always denied
As a global electronic distributor, we prioritize quality and reliability. Our Tier 1 to 3 suppliers are carefully selected based on esteemed certifications, ensuring their commitment to quality. However, we don't stop there. We strictly dismiss unqualified Tier 4 suppliers to ensure the best possible quality of our products.