Amble Electronics

Who we are
Amble Electronics, founded in 2010 in Hong Kong, has become a leading global distributor of electronic components. Prioritizing excellent customer service, Amble functions as a dependable partner in supply chains for diverse clients, including OEM, ODM, EMS, IDH, and CEM firms spanning various sectors like new energy automotive and server hardware. The company is dedicated to delivering thorough and inclusive solutions for electronic component supply chains.
Our History
2010_Hong Kong: Company & Amble brand founded in HK;
2011_Shenzhen: Shenzhen Office founded;
2012_Hong Kong: OrderProcessing Center & Quality Control Lab established;
2013_Shenzhen: Shenzhen Amble Technology Co., Ltd. founded;
2015_Suzhou: Suzhou Office founded;
2017_Shanghai: Shanghai Office founded;
2019_Singapore: Singapore Office founded;
2020_Award: Awarded "Outstanding Distributor in Supply Capability" by ASPENCORE;
2021_Award: Awarded "Outstanding Supply Chain Service Provider" by ASPENCORE;
2022_Munich: Munich Office founded; Awarded "Outstanding Supply Chain Service Provider" by ASPENCORE;
2023_Warsaw: Warsaw Office founded; US & Japan Offices in preparation;
Future_more to expect...
What we do
Following our mantra "Win Beyond Success for Our Partners", we aim not just to improve our customers' supply chain management but also to boost their profitability by trimming expenses across various areas including R&D, procurement, production, logistics, and warehousing.
What we stand for
Amble stands out as a dependable and practical Integrated Supply Chain Solution Provider, presenting a systematic and professional approach to address the varied requirements of our clients.
Worldwide service network
Amble has established a worldwide supply network, linking strategic hubs such as the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Munich in Germany, Warsaw in Poland,and others. With this footprint, Amble is able to ensure efficient and streamlined operations, facilitating prompt and dependable delivery of electronic components to our global customers.